Hi! I’m Tracie (Arielle) Bergeson. I’m a professional, fully trained and experienced craniosacral therapist offering craniosacral therapy sessions on a sliding fee scale now from $75 to $125. (Now accepting credit cards!) I moved to Southwest Hills neighborhood in February and have a nice practice space. Thank you to all the wonderful new clients already! – it’s been fun to meet you all – and appreciation to returning clients as well.

Even if you’re simply curious about cranio, this is your chance to experience the deeply healing and therapeutic potency of craniosacral therapy. Contact me with interest or questions or to make referrals.

Babies and small children are also welcome, as are kids of any age. Session length varies for children. Child rates: 1/2 hour sessions $35. 3/4 hour sessions $52. 1 hour $70.

Sessions are safe, restful and rejuvenating for you; you are fully clothed for the gentle, hands-on, meditative touch of craniosacral therapy. Plan 1.5 hours for your (adult) session.

Craniosacral can benefit structural and health issues from sleep patterns to neck alignment to anxiety to fertility. Great also to help you come to clarity and inner wisdom regarding personal directions and decisions you want to make.

Feeling out of sorts? Cranio can help get you feeling right in your skin again.

Got a big exam or competition or performance coming up? Cranio can help you optimize your confidence, functional capacity, and focus. Plan ahead; schedule some sessions prior to your event.

Craniosacral can be very supportive prior to surgeries and after surgery; it can help speed healing as the body is supported in employing the power of its own inherent healing intelligence. The body system is also informed of the surgery ahead of time and therefore experiences less surprise, shock or trauma from invasive procedures and is prepared to accommodate the procedure and heal.

Original intelligence of the cells and the being-of-you are allowed the space to express more freely, which results in physical, emotional and psychological healing; a gentle shift further into Love and the beauty of “fundamental consciousness” touches body, heart, mind and often shows up in your life, too.

In addition to listening to the subtle messages of the body, Tracie listens to and has relationships with plants as healers. If called for, her sessions can include discovering relevant plant allies for you as well as other requests your body might be making for its comfort and wellbeing (foods requested, actions desired).

You may also ask a question or two at the beginning of your session that you’d like to receive input or info on from the less physical realms. Tracie will hold space during the session for the answers/responses and report what comes through as accurately as possible.

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